In the menu [FILES] you will find the Verpura file management module.


A complete online filespace is integrated directly in Verpura. A user can upload files here and access the files that are generated by Verpura. This enables you to have full mobility when accessing your data. To prevent loss of your files, the whole content of your filespace is backed up automatically every night. Every Verpura account has access to a certain amount of memory according to our pricelist. Optionally, you can get access to more memory – contact us if you want to know more. With our right management you are able to define who may access which files. With “Verpura Start Up” for one-man businesses you only have access to the company-wide file management. With “Verpura Business” and “Verpura Premium” you have access to the company-wide file management, as well as to a personal file system. In the company-wide file system it is possible to restrict the access to individual folders to some users. This can be configured for you by our Verpura team. All PDF- and XML-files generated by Verpura for offers, purchases, credits, invoices, etc. Verpura automatically creates folders for products, projects and customers as you can upload files in the corresponding masks. Of course, you can create your own folders to manage your documents. The personal filespace belongs to one user and can only be viewed and edited by him. 



Figure: Filesystem overview


Every line in the file systemrepresents onedocument or folder. Foreverylineyouhaveseveraloptions. You can e.g. share files, send files via email, delete files, move files or rename files. With a special right and on request it is possible to send PDF-files directly to a printservice. Prices depend on the amount of print-outs. XML files can be digitally signed with a “Bürgerkarte” and the corresponding “Bürgerkarten”-software. For further information contact us. 



Figure: Create a document signature



If you are using an Office 365 account, you can also open Word, Excel or Powerpoint-documents with the Office 365 webapps. This allows you to easily edit Office documents in your Browser. You can also open the files with your locally installed Office program. As Office 365 also offers an online filespace, you can decide in [START] – [EDIT PROFILE] where your files should be stored: 


files linking


files moving

Figure: Storing and opening the files


You have several possibilities to upload files:



Figure: various upload options


With the common upload you can easily upload one file. This is the easiest possibility but has the disadvantage that you can only upload one file at once.

If you want to upload more than one file at once, you can use the Multi-Upload (Java). Just draganddropyourfilestothewindow. You have to have Java installed. (Installing Java).



Figure: Multi-Upload


The Multi-Upload (Flash) works similar. Adobe Flash Player has to be installed on your device for this to work. Just select the files you want to upload with the button [Browse] and click on [Upload]. If your upload is done you’ll get a notification.



Figure: Flash-Multi-Upload




The complete filemanagement can be integrated in Windows (but also in Apple or Linux) with WEBDAV, e.g. as drive X: for the personal and drive Y: for the company-wide file space. Here is a short introduction, how you can set up a network drive with WebDAV (Web-based Distributed Authoring and Versioning): (if you need help, contact us!)


  • 1. Connect to Verpura Server
  • 1.1 Open the Start Menu and click on the Computer button on the right dark side
  • 1.2 Click on the "Map network drive" toolbar button


Netzwerklaufwerk hinzufügen

Figure: Map network drive


  • 1.3 Select a drive letter that you want to be assigned to this mapped network drive


Laufwerksbuchstaben auswählen

Figure: Select drive letter


  • 1.4 Enter the URL that you want to map
  • On one hand if you want to connect to your Company-Wide or client space write the URL:

    On the other hand in case that you want to see your documents in your user space enter the URL:


  • 1.5 If you want to always have the map network drive available in the Computer window, then check the "Reconnect at sign-in" box


NOTE: If you do not check the "Reconnect at sign-in" box, then the mapped network drive in Computer will be disconnect (unmapped) automatically whenever you log off or restart the computer next.


Verbindung zur Verpura Client Seite

Figure: Connect to Verpura client side


  • 1.6 Click on Finish button
  • 1.7 Then you will now prompted to enter the user name and password that you use for connecting to Verpura. If you want to be automatically logged on each time you open the mapped network drive, then check the "Rebember my credentials" box. Click on OK after entering them.


Anmeldedaten speichern

Figure: Remember user credentials


  • 1.8 You will now have a mapped network drive of your shared network folder from Verpura in Computer


Verpura Client Dateispeicher hinzugefügt

Figure: Verpura Client space mapped


  • 2. To Unmap a Network Drive
  • This will disconnect the mapped network drive to only remove it from the Computer window. It will not delete the shared network folder!


  • 2.1 Open the Start Menu and click on the Computer button on the right dark side
  • 2.2 Right click on the mapped network drive that you want to unmap, and click on "Disconnect"


Netzwerklaufwerk entfernen

Figure: Unmap Network


  • 2.3 The mapped network drive is now unmapped, and will no longer show in the Computer window



WebDAV with Cyberduck


In case that you want to use an application instead of a network drive, you can use the Cyberduck client application. Cyberduck has an easy interface to use, allowing to connect to FTP (File Transfer Protocol), SFTP (SSH Secure FileTransfer), WebDAV(Web-based Distributed Authoring and Versioning), Amazon S3, Google Cloud Storage, windows Azure, Rackspace Cloud Files and even Google Drive. This is a step-by-step instruction on how to install and use the Cyberduck client to connect to the WebDAV server that Verpura provides using HTTPS:


  • 1. Download and install Cyberduck from
  • 2. Open Cyberduck and from the application click the "Open Connection" button
  • 3. Select the type of connection as WebDAV (HTTP/SSL)


WebDAV Verbindung auswählen

Figure: Select WebDAV connection


  • 4. Enter the settings shown in the screenshot below, using your username and password that you use for login into Verpura
  • In the case that you want to connect to your company-wide space enter /client at path, for the user-wide space use /user.


Neue Verbindung zur Firmenweiten Dateiverwaltung öffnen

Figure: Open a new connection to Company-wide


  • After a drive has been mapped, you can read and write files from the shared storage area by accessing the new connection. By this way Cyberduck provides a user interface like a file manager to work with your company data.


Verbindung zur Firmenweiten Dateiverwaltung (Client Speicher)

Figure: Connection to Company-wide (client space)


  • In the case that you want to see only your private data from Verpura (user space) you should add as an option the path /user.


Neue Verbindung zur Persönlichen Dateiverwaltung öffnen

Figure: Open a new connection to your private data


  • Once that you has been connected, you can manage your drive as a new file browser. The most common operations performed are: create, open, edit, download, upload, rename, move, copy, delete, search/find, synchronize. The files are displayed in a hierarchy. Also the interface includes the forward and back navigational buttons. If you have some doubts about how to use Cyberduck you can open the Cyberduk Wiki, that provides helpful information.


WebDAV with Mac OS


  • 1. In the Finder, choose Go > “Connect to Server”


Open new connection

Figure: Open a new connection to your private data


  • 2. Type the address of the server in the Server Address field, and then click “Connect”.
    • • On one hand if you want to connect to your Company-Wide or client space write the address:>
    • • On the other hand in case that you want to see your documents in your user space enter the address:


Connect to client

Figure: Connect to client


  • TIPPS: You can also click the icon beside the server address to save it. Then next time you do not need to enter the address again when you want to connect to the server. You just need to select the saved server address and click “Connect”


Connect to user

Figure: Connect to user


  • 3. Then you will now be prompted to enter the user name and password that you use for connecting to Verpura.


Enter your credentials

Figure: Enter your credentials


  • 4. You will now have a mapped network drive (client or user) of your shared network folder from Verpura.


Enter your credentials

Figure: Enter your credentials

WebDAV with your browser


You can also connect to the WebDAV directory with any of your browser.



Open client connection in browser

Figure: Open client connection in browser


  • 2. Then you have to enter your Verpura access data


Enter Verpura access data

Figure: Enter Verpura access data


  • 3. After a successful connection you can browse youf files with the links in the browser. Documents can be downloaded and opened with the default functions of the browser.


Documents list

Figure: Documents list


In case that you want to connect to your private files, you have to use the URL https:/ in the browser and enter your access data. If you are logged in, you see your files like in the company wide management.

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