You can find the Calendar in the Menu [Office] - [Calendar].


The Calendar tool allows you to manage appointments in your virtual office. Create a new appointment with just a few mouse-clicks and, if you want add participants to the appointment. With the function add participants to your appointment it is very easy to plan appointments for multiple participants even for a whole company. You can also create an appointment for a colleague.


In Verpura are two Variants of Calendar-tools:


At first there is the open source solution WebCalendar, which fill all requirements of a Calendar. On <view> in the upper menu you can select between day-, week-, month- or year-view to keep a better overview. The actual day has a yellow background. Days which are already signed with an appointment also have another background. You just need some simple clicks to add an appointment. It is also possible to plan benefits for more than one person or for a whole company. Here you can also send some reminders to the participants. If you would like to have your calendar on paper, you can also print it with the printer-symbol. There is also a search-function for you. So this calendar gives you all possibilities to manage appointments and meetings easily. We can register you a second calendar optionally to plan the booking for a machine or for a meeting-room. Contact us for it. You can get more informations about the WebCalendar-tool online on


Figure: open-source WebCalendar

Add an appointment

There are two possibilities to add a new entry. First you can add an entry in the menu - or you click directly in the calendar-view on the (+) in the upper right corner of the wanted day. Through both variants you come to the following User-Interface, where you can add the description of the appointment. You can set the location, the time, the date and much more of the appointment here. In “access” you can set, if this appointment is also visible for other users or if it should just be a private entry like a director’s meeting.
Figure: mask to add new entry
Next you can assign under the registercard which employees are invited to this benefit. Here are all Verpura-Users of your account displayed at first. If you mark the participants you can prove there availability and add them to the benefit. The entry in the calendar tool will also be shown to the invited persons. You can also set in the register-card if the appointment should be shown again in a period. This would be an advantage on weekly meetings for example. In you can remind the invited people so they don’t forget the appointment.
Figure: attendees view
If an entry is saved, you can take a view on its description and participants on the details. You come to the details by clicking on an entry. If the appointment has been created from someone other and I have been invited, I can accept or decline my participation, so the creator knows who will appear at the meeting.
Figure: detailed view of an entry
In settings you can change the color of WebCalendar. Additionally you can use some fine-tuning tools.
If you have integrated Office365 in Verpura, Verpura includes the Calendar of Microsoft Office365 and all its features – like in the Outlook Webapp possible. These are similar to the in Verpura included open source program WebCalendar. You can add new appointments, locations, times, subjects and reminder. You can also just display the whole month, the actual week or just the actual day to keep the overview. If necessary you can also print the, with Office365 created, Calendar. More information here:
calendar5 Figure: Microsoft Office 365 calendar in week view


calendar6 Figure: Microsoft Office 365 calendar in month view
There are 2 variants to add an entry in the Office365-tool. You can double-click on the wanted day or you can find it in the menu-bar. In both cases it opens a window, where you can set the time, location, subject and so on. As a unique feature you can add in appointments also files or pictures. You can also mark the entries with color for example all meetings are yellow and all product-presentations are green. This causes a great over-view also if you got many entries in your calendar. In the lower area you can add a description or a message for the entry. This text can be styled with some standard-formats.
Figure: mask to add new entry
Now you can manage the participant of the benefit. This happens at the menu . At the left area of the window you can add participants. Here you are able to select all your Verpura-contacts. (For Information: you can synchronize your Office365 contacts with your Verpura contacts. You can modify this at [START] - [SETTINGS]. It can be set if the participation of the invited persons is needed or optional. All participants will receive an E-mail and just before the benefit they will get a reminder. A location can also be selected for the benefit if it is defined.

Figure: scheduling assistant