Verpura GmbH was founded in 2004 as "Ing. Florian Gumpinger Software". In 2010 the company was renamed Verpura GmbH. From the beginning, the company's purpose was the creation of cloud-based software solutions - for customers from various sectors. You can find more detailed information under references.


In 2005 we started to develop our own cloud-based complete software solution Verpura for small businesses. We have gained a lot of experience in this area as well. In 2009 we were nominated for Verpura for the German Innovation Award IT of the Initiative Mittelstand at the CeBIT. This means that we were among the three finalists of over 2000 submitted cloud-based solutions. This award was given to us because we had the first pure cloud-based ERP solution for small businesses on the market. In 2012 we were awarded the German Innovation Prize IT of the Initiative Mittelstand at CeBIT as an excellent product. Our innovation was the connection to cloud-based telephone systems.



For our international development team in Altenberg near Linz, Austria, we also received a golden Pegasus from the newspaper OÖ Nachrichten in 2012.


We, therefore, have many man-years of project experience in the creation of cloud-based solutions for companies.