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Mobile apps

Mobile Barcode-Scanner

The Mobile Barcode Scanner was developed and integrated into vERPura to be able to capture barcodes not only with wired barcode scanners but also with mobile devices.

Cross Mobile Platform Website Viewer

Accessing web pages using URLs on mobile devices is complicated by the smaller keyboard. Many users are on the move and therefore have little time for this task. A mobile app, on the other hand, can be started with one finger.

Mobile Logbook Application

The business software VERPURA (ONE software - ALL possibilities) contains among other things a logbook function. The idea to develop a mobile application with corresponding functionality was born to simplify the recording of business trips. Due to the legal situation in Austria, it was important to note that GPS tracking solutions for driver's logbooks are not recognized for tax purposes. Therefore, the solution must behave according to a logbook (no subsequent changes possible; columns date, vehicle, duration, purpose, driver, mileage, etc.).

Verpura App

ONE software - ALL possibilities. VERPURA is THE solution for self-employed and small businesses to get an overview of all business activities. ERP/stock management, CRM (Customer Relationship Management), Office (text management, spreadsheets, presentations, mail, etc.), tools (file management, data backup, etc.). Control all business-relevant processes online. Simple, secure, uncomplicated, cost-effective and accessible from anywhere in the world. This app is an extension for the Verpura document entry module - earth.

LEDtec GmbH

LEDtec GmbH developed an RGB light control system for its customers which can also be controlled via mobile phone. Gumpinger Software was integrated as IT specialist and entrusted with the implementation of the software.