Data Export

We offer following options for data export:


All your files saved in the file management of Verpura and data saved in the database can be packed into an archive. Of course you can download this archive at any time you like.


Under the menu [START] - [MASTER DATA] you can find the data export. If you are the administrator of your client, you will see the following options (otherwise there is no checkbox-choice):



Figure 1: Export data - Options


You can choose, what you want to export:


  • Database: Exports all your data from the database in csv-files
  • Company Wide Files: Exports all files from the company wide filemanagement
  • Private User: Exports your private filemanagement
  • All Users Private Files: Exports all users files, except yours


If you make an export with "Export Data", you will get an email with a ZIP file, that contains all selected data. The email will be sent to the address you saved in your userprofile. For opening the ZIP-archive you should use a programm like WinZip, WinRar, 7-Zip or others.


Beside the exported data there are some ReadMe-files, that explain the content of the archive, in the ZIP file. The root directory "/daten" contains two subfolders. "client" for the company wide files and "user" for the private filemanagement. If you also selected the option Database at exporting, you can find the csv files under the path "/data" - "client" - your clientname - "database".



Figure 2: Data hierarchy


We can also send you a CD, DVA or BD with contains this archive file by payment. It will be optional when your company data will have a backup on your own machine. All your company data saved in the database will be backed up once every day on your computer. Then we will need a FTP or SFTP account, so that we can access the disk space where to save the backup. You can also decide if all data will be backed up or the special parts. Further option is that only the changes will be transfer from our server to your local backup every day through "rsync".

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