The Time bookings in Verpura have been extended to implement your private timerecording. You can manage your working time and find this module under the menu point [Projects] - [Time Bookings]. To use this feature you will need some special rights, that you can order on request.

Before explain how you can manage this new feature, is necessary to know how to add time bookings for creating your time recording report

Time bookings:

Time bookings are established from a service and a project:

leistung zeitbuchung

Figure: mask to add new timebooking

Therefore is also a stopwatch that can be started at the front page of Verpura. Furthermore, a Windows program and a Windows8 app can be downloaded via the Verpura website. The Windows program and the Windows8 app cache also the inputs if there is no internet connection available. In scheduling is, that the Android- and iOS-apps are also being extended with this features.


Figure: Stop watch

National holidays

We have defined for each client depends on his country the National Holidays. For this is necessary to have the right "Control all User Working Time". Then you will see in [Start] - [Master Data] a new section with the National Holidays.

Zeitaufzeichnung nationale Feiertage

Figure: Austrian National Holidays in 2012

As you can see on the previous figure, a national holiday has the next fields:

  • Description
  • The date
  • The percentage that a user has to work this day

Also is possible to add new national holidays or delete them.

Working Time

For each user is possible to add a default working time, which has the next parameters:

  • A default working time for every weekday (Monday, Tuesday, …, Sunday)
  • A period (from - till)
  • Available Holidays
  • Number of initial hours from the last period

This new feature is in [Start] - [Master Data].

Zeitaufzeichnung Arbeitszeit

Figure: Control time Working

A new time working can be add by a user who has one of the next rights:

  • Control all users Working Time

    In this case the user can control all the time working that belongs to his client. As you can see in the next capture.

    Zeitaufzeichnung alle Arbeitszeiten

    Figure: Control all user time working

  • Control your Working Time

    He only can manage his working time, so that means that only he is displayed.

    Once that we know the difference between both rights we will explain how to manage the working time for a user. When a user click on the image is possible to add a new working time by filling the field that appear in the next figure:

    Zeitaufzeichnung Arbeitszeit definieren

    Figure: Add a working time for a user

    In case that the user already has a working time define, is possible to edit the last one by clicking on the image , but now everything is pre-filled, it is only possible to change the end date from the period.

Private Holidays and Sick Leaves

Apart from the National Holidays by client, we introduce a new object, the private holidays and sick leaves. In this case a user, when he has the right "Control your Working time", can see a new section in [Edit Profile], which display all his holidays or sick leaves.

Zeitaufzeichnung privater Urlaub

Figure: User Private Holidays

At this point a user can add or modify his own private holidays or sick leaves. The difference between them is that when a user set a new private holiday, the number of available holidays that he has in his last time recording will be decrease minus one. In case that he add a sick leave nothing, when the time recording is going to be create that date will be taken as the user doesn´t have to work. Take in account that the user can add so many private holidays as the number of available holidays that he has.

In the next capture you can see how the procedure to define a private holiday or sick leave is.

Zeitaufzeichnung neuer privater Urlaub

Figure: New Private Holiday

He only needs to write the date and select the type (private holiday / sick leave).

Report Timerecording

Once that the different structures that join the Time recording. We explain how to create a report to get the time recording for a user.

First you have to accomplish the next prerequisites:

  • There must be a working time define for the user
  • You have to have the right "Generate Time Recording Reports"

Then go to [Projects] - [Time Bookings], select from which period do you want to create a report and for which user. Click on Report.

Zeitaufzeichnung Bericht

Figure: Create time recording report

Then you will see a table that summarizes the user time recording taking in account the national holidays from his client, his private holidays or sick leaves and his time bookings. In the next figure you can see an example.

Zeitaufzeichnung Bericht

Figure: Table with time recording from a specific user

In the previous table you can see the time recording for one week from a user. Each line of the table represents a day. The table has the next columns:

  • Weekday: represents the day of the week
  • Date: represents a specific instant in time
  • Working time: indicates the working time period got from a time booking
  • Expected: Number of hours that a user has to work on this day
  • Real: Number of worked hours
  • + / - : balance between real and expected hours
  • Comments: description of what has the user done that day

At the end of the table appears a green value which is the balance of hours that a user has worked during the period selected. Down the table is displayed the number of available holidays and the initial hours depending on the worked time from the user.

Zeitaufzeichnung Unterschiede

Figure: Available holidays and total balances