The logbook can be called at the menu [Logbook]:



Figure: Logbook Overview


Hint: Almost all tables in Verpura can be searched using search box. Note that also part terms will be found in Verpura, it means that when you have the term “Mustermann” in a row in the table and it will be found through the search keyword “Muster”, “mann” or “usterma”.
By clicking on “Extended search”you can limit Verpura only to search specific columns of the table in the opening box. You only need to select the columns. And using the Control-Key(Ctrl), a multiple selection is possible.
 Figure: Extended search
You can also sort the table by clicking one of the column headers. By first click the column will be sorted in ascending and with a second click it will be in descending.
 Figure: Column headers
At the end of the table, you also have the option to export the contents of the table as CVS, Excel, XML or PDF.You can export the data from a table in Verpura and then import into other programs or edit it in Excel, etc.
Figure: Export data


In Verpura you run your logbook very easy. Log in with your PC or smartphone online and create a new logbook entry. Enter the necessary data like departure, arrival, project, etc. and like this you have documented all relevant information. Once entered, a logbook is unalterable because the statutory regulations require this. Wrong entries can be cancelled – but the changings are subsequently comprehensible. The applied logbook entries are visible in tabular format in Verpura and all relevant information as start time, arrival and driven kilometers are easily obvious.


The mask for creating a new logbook entry looks like this:



Figure: mask to create new logbook entry


The creating of a logbook entry is after entering some information quickly done. Choose the corresponding user, the suitable project, vehicle, departure and arrival. Some details to a trip, the so-called logbook details are also necessary. This include start- and finish mileage, departure- and arrival time and the reason of the trip. If the corresponding vehicle, the reason of the trip or the departure- and arrival place is not available, you have to create them. The possibility for that is in the submenu of the logbook. Logbook entries cannot be changed afterwards because of legal reasons. If you want to complete the logbook entry subsequently, you have to enter in the box “target-kilometer” the value “0”.



Figure: submenu for more information


If you want to change a faulty logbook entry afterwards, choose the option “no” in the box “entry valid” and set a new logbook entry with the correct data.



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