Advance turnover tax return

Companies are usually obliged to pay sales tax. This is archived basically monthly or every three months. But only the difference between the UVA and sales tax is ingested.



If you recorded all accountings in Verpura, you can see the data under the menu item [Accountings] – [Advance turnover tax return]. You can either transfer the data to the appropriate form of the financial office or transmit it electronically to the same financial online.



Figure: Advance turnover tax return


In this form, the data can be also corrected when the accountings for example were not recorded in Verpura and therefore there is still something need to be changed. There are also special cases that cannot be captured in Verpura – which can also be entered in this form. Information about financial Online is available at




Figure: modify the data for Advance turnover tax return


Companies that have internet access should also use it here to communicate with the financial office.




Figure: Confirmation of successfully transmit


To make the automatic transmission to finance online works, the access data should be set once under [Start] – [Settings] and in the field [Financial online].



Figure: Financial Online settings


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