At [PRODUCTS] - [STOCKLIST] products, which your company sells very often as a set, can be grouped very easily and then they can be billed comfortably together. If your company for example offers a computer-complete solution, it is often like this, that the products of a complete solution are also available separately. Assuming you have the product “Computer A”, “Monitor B” and “Printer C” and you want to offer your customer a complete solution, which includes these three items, the stocklist function of Verpura is the perfect solution for this situation.


With a click at “create stocklist”, you can add a name and a short note. Add afterwards the products "Computer A", "Monitor B" and "Printer C" to your stocklist and you can already bill your new complete solution.


You can also use stocklists to combine products and services to a packet. If you want to create for example a stocklist for the “motorway permit sticker” or the TÜV-plaque of the car, you can summarize the general always-needed products and services  (for example mechanic hours) in a stocklist. In addition, required products or services can be billed extra as needed.


A whole stocklist can be added to another stocklist – In this way Verpura allows to group your products and services optional to make your work as easy as possible.


If you change your stocklist, it affects this – like products and services – not on already billed stocklists, that eventual unwanted bookkeeping errors can be avoided.


You can use partslists at invoices, offers and so on. The single positions from the partslists will be booked then.


partslist 1 




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