File Sharing

At the menu [FILES] - [FILE SHARING] you can manage the file sharing.
With the file sharing it is possible to provide your private files to someone other. This person will get an e-mail with a link to the shared file. This file can be edited or downloaded by the person with this link. If the file is edited, the link under the email is going to be the newer version next time. This is an advantage at for example bills or calendars. Not only single files, even whole folder can be shared. If the folder is going to be downloaded, it will be converted to a ZIP-file. The downloader can unzip it with for example WinRAR to get the files. The file sharing service is full of advantages with bigger files which can’t be sent by e-mails anymore. You just copy it to your Verpura web-space and share it.
In the overview - like shown in the picture – you have all files in one sight. You can see here which file or which folder are shared to whom, where and how long. You can close pending shares easily, if you want.
Figure: overview of all file shares

File sharing

If documents, pictures or videos. All formats of files of the personal or company-wide file-management can be shared with some other. The personal file-sharing should only be used for private reasons. Just a registered user can access to these files but the company-wide files can be edited and created by every user on the same client. You can easily create a share by clicking the “share”-symbol in the folder.
Figure: mask to create a new file sharing
In the next case an input-interface appears where you have to put in the person who should get the file. His e-mail address is acquired. You can also set a time how long the file is shared with this user that he only got duration of time to edit or look at the file. If there is no time given, the standard-value is 1 year. You can optionally add a text-message which is sent to the receiver when the share is done. This can be a description of the file or also a contact form.
Figure: mask to send file sharing
If the enabling is sent, an e-mail is going to be generated and will be sent to the receiver in the background. This e-mail contains a link where the enabled file can be directly viewed or downloaded. This tool is especially a big advantage if you transfer bigger files, for example inviting, rewards, photos which are saved in the web-space of verpura.


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