The logbook serves the logging of the journeys. It is able for tax purposes that you need to use a logbook for assignment of journeys to projects. The journey places, journey reasons, mileages, day/time etc. are logged. There is also a logbook Symbian-App where you are able to fill in the data. A corresponding iOS and an Android-App are in progress. For our partners the integration of an automatic GPS logger is available. The logbook has to be unalterable to suffice the valid regulations. Incorrect entries can be cancelled – these changes have to be understandable afterwards.

File sharing

The files in the personal or company-wide database management can be shared. In addition you have to add a receiver’s name, an email-address, optionally an end date and optionally a text. Using these data, an email with a link will be generated. This email is sent to a given email-address. If the email receiver follows this email, the sent file opens in a browser or will be offered to download. This is changing according to the file type and the receiver’s environment what will handle the files. Verpura’s own file formats can be also shared as writable – then the receiver can modify the file. A share can also be ended simply in the share overview – then the access is blocked. The access always occurs on the latest version of the file – sending the changes after ending the share, the link will stay current. If a directory is shared, it will be packed in a ZIP archive and then the download will be offered.


Verpura includes a company-wide and a personal file management. Users can store files categorized. In addition directories can be created. There are already given directories from the system which includes some files like invoices, offers, notes of delivery etc. For every project, every product, every contact etc. a directory will be created and then files can be stored there. The access to these files is possible at the respective modules (project management, goods management, contact management etc.) or at the file management module. Files can be also transmitted via html, Java-Applet and Flash. However, the whole file management can be integrated by WEBDAV into the file explorer of your operating system. These data are also protected by the automatic Verpura-data daily backup. The access model „Start-Up“ includes only a company-wide file management for a one-person-company.

File export

With the file export you will receive an archive to download which includes all data from the data management and also from the database. Certainly you are able to download these data individually. At the owner's expense we will send you your data on CD or DVD or VOL. Optionally the data backup is also possible to your terminals. In this way the whole data will be saved on your device daily. In this case we need an FTP or SFTP access to the desired storage where the data will be saved. Depending on the available storage we make all backups to your terminal or even just special backups. Moreover a backup via sync is also possible. In this way only the modifications will be transferred daily to your storage.

Cash book

The cash book helps to manage the petty cash. In this way you can log all incomings and outgoings. It is also achievable to establish daily reports to control the cash balance easily. Furthermore appearing defect or excess stocks can be considered. The cash book is linked together with the other Verpura modules. For example if a cash payment of an invoice is ensued it is noted in the cash book. The cash book has to be unalterable to suffice the regulations applying. Incorrect entries can be cancelled – these changes have to be understandable afterwards.


Verpura can be customized to fit your company's needs. For this you have a couple of different possibilities – You can configure your company-wide preferences and the preferences for your Verpura user. You can also change the layout of the documents generated by Verpura. The possibilities to adapt your preferences are being extended continuously. If you miss anything here just contact us. Verpura Premium can be tailored and adjusted to your companies needs and also adjusted to work with your existing programs.