Credits can be looked and created in the menu [invoices] – [credits]:


In Verpura, credits can be created directly of an existing invoice, but also a generation of a credit without an invoice is possible. To keep the overview, it is possible to sort the credits after open, incomplete, canceled and completed. To create a new credit of an invoice click on "Add credit".



Figure: Credits Overview


Hint: Almost all tables in Verpura can be searched using search box. Note that also part terms will be found in Verpura, it means that when you have the term “Mustermann” in a row in the table and it will be found through the search keyword “Muster”, “mann” or “usterma”.
By clicking on “Extended search”you can limit Verpura only to search specific columns of the table in the opening box. You only need to select the columns. And using the Control-Key(Ctrl), a multiple selection is possible.
 Figure: Extended search
You can also sort the table by clicking one of the column headers. By first click the column will be sorted in ascending and with a second click it will be in descending.
 Figure: Column headers
At the end of the table, you also have the option to export the contents of the table as CVS, Excel, XML or PDF.You can export the data from a table in Verpura and then import into other programs or edit it in Excel, etc.
Figure: Export data


Afterwards select the corresponding invoice of the customer, for whom you want to create a credit.



Figure: mask to add new credit


After you have selected the invoice of the relevant customer, you will see the detailed invoice information. Below the billed time booking, the billed products and the billed services are visible. To create an credit, click above "Add credit".



Figure: select invoice of the customer


Select the billed time bookings, goods or services, for which you want to create a credit and click afterwards on "Credit choice". If you click on a already credited line, you can modify the price or amount, or delete the whole line in one.



Figure: detailed invoice information


The new credit is now visible for you. Click on "Save credit" to create the credit. With a click on a credit line you can modify the price or amount, or delete it in one.



Figure: add credit


Credit as PDF

Figure: Credi as PDf file


Customer credit


Just like at Customer invoices you also have the possibility to make credits for special contacts, without booking the goods to a product.


Go to the menu [Invoices] - [Credits] and click on the Button "Customer credit". Then you can choose a contact for that a customer credit should be created.


select customer for customer credit

Figure: Select customer for customer credit


Afterwards you can select products or services and add them to the credit. On the bottom you see the credit lines. With a click on any line you can modify the price or amount if you want.


select product service for customer credit

Figure: Add product and service to customer credit




As extension to Verpura you can use the interfacesolution from the company Sermocore. Sermocore offers the possibility to transmit all accountings (invoices, offers, orders, and so on) to a corporate client in a digital form. This client can use this data and import it automatically into his programm. The fileformat of the accounting can also be changed - exactly to this format, that your partner company supports. This feature is an extension of vERPura - Contact us for adding this module to your user. sermocore Logo