You can check your emails and create new emails in [Office] - [Mail].


Every new user by default receives his own email address with the Verpura domain (“”). This domain can be changed on demand if you for example want to use your own company name. This can be configured by the Verpura Team for you.


There are two different email modules in Verpura:

Open Source Email Module

The integrated open-Source Email-Module has an easily understandable user interface, that makes managing your emails easy. You have the possibility to manage your emails, create new mails and also manage your contacts.





Figure: mask of the open source email module of VERPURA


You can create an email by clicking on the menu [New Message]. You will see a simple text editor which allows you to format your messages with functions like BOLD, ITALIC or UNDERLINE. You can also attach images or files to your emails. When you have knowledge in HTML you can also directly enter HTML code to format your mails. 


In total you have 1 GB of space for your emails and you can receive emails up to 10 MB.





Figure: mask to create a new message using open source email module 

Office 365 Outlook Webapp

Alternately you can use the integrated Office365 of Verpura. For emails you can use the Outlook Webapp with 25 GB of space for your emails. Emails are regularly synchronized with your Verpura system. This means when you receive an email from a contact you saved in Verpura, this email is stored as an action for this contact. If you do not want this to happen, this can be deactivated. Another feature allows you to synchronize your Outlook contacts with your Verpura contacts so that you have a unified dataset of all your contacts. Which of your users is allowed to synchronize which contacts can be defined by you. As our company is an official partner of Microsoft you can order your own Office365 account here and let it be administered by us. Additional information about Office365 you can find here.


Attention: Use a Office 365 account always only for one Verpura user, otherwhise this can lead to complications while synchronizing!


mail neu en


Figure: mask of the Office 365 Outlook Webapp 




A similar user interface like in Microsoft Office Outlook allows the user to easily format your emails and add files or images to them. Of course you can send emails to several addresses at once. Your Office365 account can also be connected to your Offline-Outlook-program. 



mail6 en


Figure: mask to create a new message using Office 365 Outlook Webapp


You can manage your mails with every device that supports POP or IMAP protocols, like a Windows Phone, an iPhone, an Android Phone, a Symbian Phone or a Blackberry. Next you’ll see a demo-video from an iPhone, if you still need further instructions please contact us.



Video: demo-video from an iPhone

Out-of-Office messages

A very useful feature of the email module of Verpura is the possibility to send automatic replies when you are currently unavailable. You can use this for example when you are on holiday for a longer time. These so called “Out-of-Office Messages” can be activated by sending an email to ">name<+autoresponse@>domain<". The placeholders >name< and >domain< represent your email name and your email domain. The text of your message will be the text of your automatic reply. E.g.:


If your email address is This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , to activate an automatic replay you send an email to office+ This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it with the text „I’m currently on holiday ...“. If the activation was successful, you will get a short notice about the activation.


mail2 en


Figure: mask to create a automatic response


To deactivate just send a mail to the same email address, but whatever you enter as a text is not important as your automatic reply is deactivated. For this to work, you will need a valid SMTP connection. So when you send an email with Microsoft Office Outlook the program will establish an SMTP connection and verify your credentials. This will not work with Squirrelmail or similar products. When you need help to connect your email account with Microsoft Office Outlook just contact us!