Text processing

The text processing tool is available at [Office] - [Text processing]:


With the text editor, which is in integrated in Verpura you can easily write texts and save it in HTML. The big advantage of this format is, that it is educible in any browser and so it is readable for every person who has a working browser. Write your texts online in a browser, when and where you want. Like usual it is possible to format written, to insert pictures and to execute nearly every function, which is available in a standard text editor. Store the written texts online in Verpura and ensure the availability when and where you want.





Figure: the open-source text editor integrated in Verpura


If you are owner of an Office 365 account, you are able to integrate this account in Verpura. After integrating your Office365 account in Verpura, you have the possibility of using Office 365 Word, instead of the normal open-source text editor. All functions, like in your booked Office 365 account are available to you. Word is one of the programs, which is included in Office Web Apps. A feature of Verpura is that you are able to create documents and to edit them live with your colleagues. Afterwards it is recommended to store the created documents in the cloud, in order to have access from PCs and mobile devices.



Figure: Word from Office 365


You can access your Office 365 documents in the menu [FILES] – [PRIVATE FILEMANAGEMENT] in the folder “Office 365 Documents”. In the preferences you can decide if your files should be stored on the Verpura- or on the Microsoft-Servers For further information look here.


When you click on a file in your Office 365 folder, the file will open in the Office 365 Webapp and you can decide in the upper menu if you want to display or edit the Excel File. You can also edit the file with your local Office program. For further information look here.