You can create presentations and present them online immediately with this tool. You can access to your presentations everywhere you got an internet-access. Also here you have the choice between the verpura-tool and optional Office365 from Microsoft.
The menus here are just a bit different – In Office365 you can create you own Microsoft Powerpoint presentation at the menu. - There is an open source tool at the menu - alternative to Office365 to create presentations.
The Verpura intern open-source-presentation-tool replaces the virtual office in a very handy function. Similar to Microsoft Powerpoint you can create presentations and edit them. A big advantage in the verpura integrated program is that you can enable it - just to read or also writeable. You can find this function in the company-wide file-management in the file “Documents”. So someone other can change your presentations as well. This approval can also be removed if the person should not access any more.
The verpura open-source presentation-tool includes all main-functions for a presentation. In the menu are the most important functions like for example add a new layer, edit the header or the footer, edit the background or save and load. At you can select where your presentations are saved in the Web-space. If you don’t select it, it will be saved in Documents in the company-wide file-management. More Informations: here. The online saving in HTML approves that your presentations are available every time and everywhere. Of course you can load your already saved presentations, edit them and afterwards save them again. You have different designs in the menu available. The presentation can be shown with just one click on , this runs directly on your internet-browser. With the arrow-keys or the mouse you can navigate between the layers.
Figure: menu of the open-source presentation module
To change between the different Layers simply click on the right site on the headline. At the end of the site is a simple HTML-editor which you can use for formatting the header, footer and texts like you want. Lists, excerpts, pictures and even smileys can be pasted here. You can even import whole Microsoft Word- or text-files.
prasentation2 1
Figure: simple HTML text editor
Figure: slide show directly in your browser
The file format your presentations are saved with is html. So this files can be edited in the text-format as well.
If you included Office365 in Verpura, there is the possibility to create, edit and save presentations directly over your Internet-browser. If you also got the Standard-Office, you can edit the online created document easily in the local Microsoft Powerpoint and also upload the locally created presentations to use them online. The format of the presentation is going to be adopted. So you can manage your documents independent and create Powerpoints all the time. To create a new presentation, go to the menu - It appears a mask where you can set the name of the document. Set the name and click on “OK” to continue.
If the presentation is created the layer can be edited, pictures can be pasted, texts can be formatted and more, similar to the normal Microsoft Office Powerpoint. If you have finished your presentation you don’t even have to save it. It is saved automatically and after every change of the document so there is nearly no chance of losing the files when the internet-connection is interrupted.
Figure: mask to create a new presentation using Office 365
You can find your created document in the Verpura web-space - in the file “Office365 documents”. Here are all Office365-documents shown which you have created. You can decide in the verpura-settings if your files are saved on the Microsoft- or at the Verpura web-space. More information here.
With just one click on the file name you can open the presentation with the Office365-WebApp and afterwards select it in the upper menu-bar if you want to play the Powerpoint-file or edit it. If you have installed a local Office you can open it on your local computer too. At you can print you layer. More information of Office365 here.