A project can be generated from an offer or it can be generated on your own. Many files can be assigned to a project which can be accessed directly in the project or in the file management. A project can be divided into partial projects or milestones – in this way an easy Gantt diagram can be provided which shows the project. Service/time bookings, goods and the quantity can be registered to a project or a partial project. An invoice can be generated for a project – also several invoices are able to be made for a project. It is possible to set time bookings, services, goods and quantity to the set not eligible or to generally invert it that they are not shown on the invoice but this must be regarded on the postcalculation.

Goods- / Time booking

Goods, services, time bookings and stocks can be registered to projects, invoices, offers, delivery notes, storage location etc. Therefor there are different overviews where this can be looked at. For example if an invoice is cancelled, these things will be posted back again. Partially there are also conditional bookings – for example if something is registered to a product and you declare that it is not eligible. More generally because a service can belong to many projects or are already booked as a lump sum. It is also possible to capture time bookings in our Windows app or in our Windows 8 Metro app. In the online version of Verpura there is also a time booking stopwatch.


With services it is possible to register services etc. A service can be registered in an offer, an invoice, a credit, to a project etc. A time booking is a service, linked with a start and an end. An hourly rate can be indicated to a service. For a time reservation or an entered service can be denoted what was exactly produced. A service can also be a part of a stocklist.


The Time bookings in Verpura have been extended to implement your private timerecording. You can manage your working time and find this module under the menu point [Projects] - [Time Bookings]. To use this feature you will need some special rights, that you can order on request